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Kids Martial Arts near Concord

My son started a few years ago and loves working with Master Hawk. He has learned self defense techniques, gained confidence, and his ability to focus has improved. I started the adult classes this year and I'm already starting to see the benefits. It can be challenging, but it's also a lot of fun and very rewarding

Terra Yates

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

I contacted SUN Martial Arts when I was trying to put together a self-defense class for my church. Master Dave Pryga was beyond willing to come out to my church and lead our group. He and his assistant were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and super friendly! They spent about 2 hours with us and demonstrated multiple techniques that were able to be used by the wide age range and physical ability levels of our group. Everyone who attended the class had an amazing time. Thanks SUN Martial Arts! I will be in contact again soon!

Michelle Bowerman

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Love this place and my kids can't wait till class each week...

Johnny Ocampo

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

New to the Concord Area?? Sun Martial Arts IS the place for you and your children!! When we moved to the Concord area almost 2 years ago, we completely lucked out when we fell upon the staff at SunMartial arts to introduce hapkido to our son, Kade. Dave and staff are extremely conscientious people who have a passion for kids and an unbelievable knowledge and ability to perform and teach the art of hapkido. Our son has shown such growth in self respect, respect for others, determination, and agility, that we have been truly impressed! On top of learning these life long skills, he has FUN every time he goes and is working really hard to accomplish a "black belt" as something he has done for himself. If you are considering a home for martial arts, its without hesitation that I tell you, SunMartial Arts IS the place FOR YOU!

Audra Alexander

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

I began training at SUN with Master Hawk and the other instructors in May 2015, and in that time have gained an immense amount of knowledge about myself and about the art. Its not just self-defense (although lets be honest...that part is superfun), its self-awareness, self-discipline and quite frankly, self-amazement. You train to think differently, to view the world around you differently and to move with purpose. You train with and around like-minded people who respect the art, their instructors and their peers in and out of the dojo. In the months I've been at SUN, I've already advanced to Green Belt and ONLY because Master Hawk wants you to learn as much as you want to learn and go as far as you want to go. He and the other instructors are ready and willing to help at all times. I have attended class as often as 6 times in a week with a goal in mind and they are there to help you achieve it. My only regret is that I didn't begin the study of martial arts at a much younger age, so I recommend this activity without hesitation for any age (within policy) children and ALL ADULTS. Let's face today's world, who couldn't use an extra lesson in respect? As an added benefit, 20 pushups/crunches/leglifts per day (sometimes 40) and the cardio of training are increasing my strength and muscle tone.

Teresa Hogan

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

What a great place! Master Hawk (Dave) is a great teacher and motivational speaker for my child. This teaches our children, respect, honor and stability and I’m super happy we brought him to experience just that.

Kristen Mone-Downey N Bruce-Downey

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

I decided to wait a few weeks before posting a review. My five year old son has been attending classes for about five weeks now, and our experience so far has been excellent! Everyone at Sun Martial Arts seems to really take their time with the children, and they actually get down on their level to talk to them. They seem to take note of each child's personality and behavior and work with it. What I really like is how they're very strict, but very kind at the same time. I think it is great that they put kids (including my own!) in time out when needed. That way the other children aren't so distracted, and they can learn that certain behaviors aren't tolerated. So far, my son really loves the class and looks forward to the days he gets to attend every week. He talks about it all the time on the days he doesn't attend, and even utilizes things he's learned in day to day life. When he's upset he'll say "SUN!" - I asked him why he said it, and he said it means he's trying to do his best. (using it as a way to calm himself.) He's also already learned to count to ten in korean - I was impressed! As long as my kiddo stays interested, and I think he will, we'll definitely continue to take classes here. I think the lessons they teach (confidence, balance, calming techniques, respect, how to listen, etc) are fantastic.

Dawn Hall

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Master Hawk (Dave) and his son Dalton are both excellent instructors with all age ranges from small children up to adults. They both take time to teach a great mixture of martial arts styles as well as respect and manners towards others. PaSaRyu is taught, which is a combination of Taekwondo, traditional karate and Kung Fu as well as Hapkido for the defensive aspect. My daughter (9) and I have both enrolled here for close to a year and it's been a fantastic experience.

Brian Siddle

I have two boys ages 6 and 8 currently enrolled in Sun Marital Arts. We have loved being part of the family atmosphere and caring environment. Dave and his family truly care about the students and make them feel special. My boys have made great strides in the areas of self-confidence and self-awarness. The instructors are very approachable and easy to get along with. The boys are not intimidated and feel very safe when at class. I would highly recommend Sun Martial Arts for your family!

Ann Lewensten

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, but to the point. A great investment.

Cecilia Moneta Matthews

I am a student at Sun Martial Arts. Going to classes keeps me active and increases my self confidence. I enjoy going to all the classes. Mr. Hawk always keeps lessons interesting! I would recommend to anyone looking to learn self defense or just stay physically fit!- Ryan Enriquez

Yvonne Enriquez

Best in North Carolina, very seasoned with attention to details. Couldn’t be happier with this school

Ayman Kamel

Our 11 year old Daughter has been a part of Sun martial arts since October 2012 and this is one activity out of everything she does that I don’t have to keep after her to get prepared or remind her as to what day of the week it is :) .

Dave Pryga (Master Hawk) is a wonderful teacher! He always takes the time to work with all his students personally to make sure they are progressing and learning all the techniques necessary. We signed up our Daughter because we thought martial arts might be a good way for her to gain some self-confidence and stand up to bullies. Not only Master Hawk’s coaching and mentoring has helped my daughter build self-confidence she has also built a lot of strength and stamina.

They teach kids(4+) and adults. It is as much a community feeling as it is a local school... the 45 minutes wait time while my daughter is in her class passes by so fast just chatting with all the wonderful parents that come there.

Master Pryga organizes fun fridays, open mat days, bring a buddy night and other events every month so the kids get together and get to know each other better in a fun environment. These events are also a good way to show off their skills to their buddies.

All in all it is a wonderful place for your child to develop into a confident and strong person… that’s what every parent wants, right?

Sumana Sanjeev

My daughter has been going here for a few months now, and we have been very happy with it. Master Hawk is great with the kids, and shows a passion for teaching them. I would reccomend Sun Martial arts if you are looking for a place for you or your kids.


Sun martial arts is a great school for children and adults. This has helped me and so many other people to be disciplined and to have a good work. Do recommend this to anyone looking for a martial arts school.

Dangling Zhang

Great place for your kids to learn,my 14 year old daughter really enjoy her class, This place is awesome!!.kids really engaged in class, I am even considering myself to join adult classes! Strongly recommended!

Mayree Solis

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Mr. Hawk is amazing! My son loves to go to martial arts every week!

Jennifer Ward

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

My children love it here!! The discipline leaned and the teaching approach are both great!

Mel Zitter

Sun Martial Arts is an extraordinary place for kids and adults trying to learn or put into practice the amazing PaSaRyu system of Martial Arts! Dave Pryga( Master Hawk) along with his highly qualified team of instructors offer a superior Martial Arts curriculum for all ages that focuses on self-improvement.
As a mother of a four-year-old student I've been able to witness first hand the confidence my son has gained in a very short period of time by participating in Master Hawks's class.
He possesses a unique gift for interacting and understanding children, especially those of an introverted character! The students have fun in his classes while learning age appropriate self defense techniques, coordination, focus, discipline and most vital of all the importance of respect and appreciation.
Overall, I am very impressed and appreciative of Sun Martial Arts.
THANK YOU Master Hawk and Staff!!!

G Paredes

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

My 5 yr old son has taken classes at SUN Martial Arts for about a year now and he has learned so much from Master Hawk and his son. He has learned the values of listening and respect. Master Hawk (Dave) has a very good way with the younger children. My son definitely has benefited from taking this class. He goes twice a week and if he misses a class, there is always a Friday class offered during the month to make it up. You can sit in on a class during the belt ceremony which makes the kids feel very proud of their achievements. I highly recommend trying this if your child needs to learn some discipline or just needs to "come out of his or her shell" this is a great way to introduce a fun sport and learn the values most kids are in need of.

L Stoudmire

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Teacher does a great job with students must say I'm really pleased & my son enjoys the skill he is building, highly recommend

Harold Sturdivant Jr

The whole team at Sun is great with the young students. Our son is 5, and he cant wait for his next class. I have recommended Sun Martial Arts to friends.

Lynette Gregory

Sun martial arts has done so much for my son's self confidence. I can see a difference in the way he carries himself, and speaks with other people, particularly other kids who sometimes give him a hard time. He has learned how to respect others as well as himself. Plus his gross motor skills have improved. He enjoys the classes and he works hard. the atmosphere is very positive. Thanks for a wonderful experience! ( we've been attending for almost a year)

Amelia Zytka

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

If you want to achieve improved fitness, confidence, and safety for you and your entire family, Sun Martial Arts is for you. Master Pryga's in-depth knowledge and experience of the Arts, combined with his world class instruction and demonstration skills will inspire you and your family to greatness. The entire staff of Sun Martial Arts will make you feel a part of the family with training tailored to your individual needs. With the latest in floor pad technology and equipment, you can train with confidence knowing safety if priority one. Whether for Youth or Adults, I highly recommend Master Dave Pryga and the entire staff of Sun Martial Arts.

Glenn Watters

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Sun martial arts is such a fantastic place for children to learn everything from respect to discipline . the instructors really take time with the students .master hawk goes above and beyond as a teacher , he just recently had a summer party for the kids . Sun has really helped my son prepare for school in the fall !! Thank you awesome instructors for all u do !

Melisa Bragdon

We have been at sun martial arts for almost a year now. We love the instructors, the families and all of the lessons learned through each class. My 5 year old has gained confidence and skills necessary to face many life challenges. Outstanding business.

Sarah Broome

We just moved here and were looking for a place that would allow my son to continue learning karate. We found SUN Martial Arts, This place is amazing. Master Hawk is a wonderful instructor and so is the rest of his staff. My son loves going here. He says that it is better than his last place in NY. He has learned so much in the short time he has been attending.

Heather Wright

My 11y old son has been taking classes since the summer of 2013. He has now graduated to an Assistant Instructor Brown Belt with his eyes on the Black Belt and beyond. Master Hawk has a great way with his students whether a child or an adult. He makes the youth classes fun and I always see smiles. Totally recommend Sun Martial Arts for your karate instruction

Jen Jacobs

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Great leader ship & atmosphere! Master Hawk & Master Dragon are excellent with the kids & make sure they learn & execute properly! Glad we found Sun MMA for our 8yr old son (Mr. Rhino)!

Chris Huneycutt

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

My son loves it! I signed him up for a year today!

Crystal Wilson

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

I have studied Tae Kwon Doe, Judo, and Kung-Fu and Master Hawk at Sun Martial Arts has revived a new energy within me to study. I started my son in his children's class at age 4 and Master Hawk was amazing with him and the other kids. I quickly learned how knowledgeable and passionate Master Hawk is about the art form and I joined in a few classes using his free trial option. Though I had studied many forms of martial arts, I found the Sun Martial Arts studio to be the most effective and practical. The basics and foundational principles he teaches lay the ground work for so many options in and out of situations. Sun Martial Arts belt system for adults and belt and award system for kids is clear and fair and it allows the individual to work at their own pace. I wanted move somewhat quickly through the belts since I had studied martial arts before but once I realized how much I needed to learn I slowed down and now I am thankful for how much better I feel about moving at the appropriate speed and developing the correct foundation. I would recommend Sun Martial Arts to anyone and everyone. If you have a child with discipline issues or confidence issues then enroll them. If you have a desire to get into better shape, learn how to defend yourself, and also socialize with like minded individuals then you should enroll. It is an energetic and positive environment where egos and selfishness are left at the door and the whole class works to help each other understand the art form that Master Hawk has so artfully and thoughtfully put together. Come be a part of it!

John T. Woodall

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Our 5 year old loves going to his class at Sun. Mr. Hawk and his team are GREAT. They are very good with the younger kids, I have recommended Sun to friends.

Ronnie Gregory

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Being able to learn such an amazing art form has given me a new outlook on myself and my body. I carry myself with pride knowing that I'm learning something that not only helps me defend myself, but helps me learn about the movement as well as the practicality of this art form. My interest for understanding PaSaRyu has evolved into an apreciatio for improving my own personal philosophy on life. Honestly, I never expected it! Master Hawk says you should attend at least twice a week, I try to go to all of them whenever possible just so I can practice and perfect my technique. It takes time and hard work, but with that, you can do overcome anything that seems difficult, and I would have never thought I would learn that when I first stepped through the doors of Master Hawks's Dojo

Eric H.

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Good people teaching great philosophy and technique. This has helped greatly with the confidence, self control, physical condition and skill of our young disciple.

Jason D Mugen

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

My son has been going there for over a year. We have been very pleased with everything about SUN.

Dawn Marie Mizera

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Master Hawk is amazing with my 5 yr old son. He has the patience of a saint. He not only teaches martial arts, he teaches them life lessons. And I'm confident with Master Dragon when he takes on the class that the same standards are kept. Amazing place for all ages.

Tracy Shipman

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Wonderful instructor! My son looks forward to every class.

Laura Hardy

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Our 11 yr old daughter loves it here. We recently moved back into the area and were looking for a dojo similar to the one she attended for the last 2 yrs. Master Hawk was very welcoming and made her feel at ease in the transition. I highly recommend Sun Martial Arts.

Elizabeth Bacalzo Onia

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Great place for kids to learn structure and discipline.

Jonah Joyner

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Sun martial arts has tought me discipline and given me motivation to learn something I thought was impossible for me. Everyday I feel motivated and more secure of myself. It might not be for everyone but this has giving me encouragement to be myself! I thank Master Hawn and all instructors, including all of my class mates! SUN!

Tagny Honeycutt

Master Hawk is great with kids, and is very attentive. Master Dragon has been so helpful with my child gain confidence and continues to progress. If you are looking for karate classes for your younger ones or yourself look no further.

Anand Patel

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

After visiting several Martial Arts Schools throughout the area, I decided on joining Sun Martial Arts for several reasons. First impressions are everything. After meeting Master Hawk for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by his friendly, down-to-earth personality. He literally took the time to answer all questions. The introduction class is amazing. The attention he gives making sure that you understand the techniques are second to none. The follow-up classes are just as spectacular. Regardless of age or conditioning Master Hawk and Sun Martial Arts ensures that everyone benefits from training here. The highest of recommendations for anyone wanting to learn martial arts.

Brittingham Sr Patrick

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Sun martial arts is absolutely FANTASTIC! My son is so excited to go every practice! The instructors are great with all of the children. We did the $69 6 week trial and only 3 weeks in I can say that my son will be signed up from here on out! Thanks Master Hawk, Chinese dragon, and Miss Cheetah!

Amber Lynette Clark

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

We love Sun Martial Arts - Our 11 year old boy has been going for about a year now and it’s been wonderful. The instructors are all so patient and actually work with the kids to teach them what they need to know so they can advance. My child has gained more confidence and can actually see how his work pays off.

Melanie Spring

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Dave is amazing! He is so great with the kids! I'm so happy we found such a great place for our son to learn martial arts!

Melissa Tingler

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

On Saturday August 19th I received my black belt promotion. I am very proud of myself for finally getting here but I could not have accomplished this without my great Instructors Dave Pryga and his son Dalton. I started studying Martial Arts in 2005 with a different style and was a Red Belt in 2009 when I moved to North Carolina. I joined Sun Martial Arts in 2012 and i can honestly say, had it not been for Dave and his son Dalton I am not sure I would have gotten here. They are two of the most humble, compassionate and kind people I know! Dave Pryga is an awesome instructor and you can see the same in his son Dalton! Thank you both for your guidance and encouragement and for continuing to believe in me.

Gabrielle Ebanietti

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

Our boys love it! They are learning so much and look forward to every class.

Joanne E Gramm

Kids Martial Arts near Concord

My daughter age 5 loves this class!! She is always excited to come and sad to leave. She wakes up each day and asks what day it is...if it is class day she anxiously counts down the hours. The instruction is fun, creative, and challenging. I look forward to see how she continues to grow in self discipline, esteem, and motivation.

Kris Jack

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