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  • Parents, You Should be Having This Conversation With Your Kids!

    Parents, You Should be Having This Conversation With Your Kids!

    Here are a few safety tips you can go over with your child. Its best if you review them on a regular basis. The premise of these safety tips is that although there is an abundance of violence in modern society, there is plenty we can do to minimize the odds of it happening to our children. Can someone take every precaution possible to keep their family safe and still have them be attacked? Of course! But with the right preparation, the right training, and the right mindset, the odds will be strongly stacked in your child’s favor. A child who has been properly trained in strategic self-defense will feel more confident and empowered. That feeling alone will allow this child to carry ....

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  • The Rewards Of Goal Setting

    The Rewards Of Goal Setting

    Setting goals can be a constructive practice. Whether you are setting career goals, relationship and familial goals, or daily goals, it is pertinent to understand what your objectives are in order to establish goals that you can ultimately attain. There has been a lot of research in positive psychology on the benefits of goal setting to help maintain a happier and healthier life. Being happy takes a lot of practice and a lot of work, and goal setting is one part of the equation. Your dopamine system, which is a chemical that is released every time you experience a reward, is reliant upon goal setting and achievement. So as dopamine is released into the part of your ....

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  • What's Your Why?

    What's Your Why?

    Whats Your Why? When you have a Why for doing Martial Arts or Anything for that matter. It will be easier to stay committed to doing it. If your why is simply because you like it. Then everything else that you also like will become a distraction. For example I do extra strength training. I do this because I had some injuries and I want to keep my body in great condition. So I take a scientific approach to diet, strength training and cardio training. I do this 2 times a week and I do not let anything stop me from making those workouts. I also do this because I want to be around for a very long time and watch my kids grow up without all the medical problems that come with a sedentary ....

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  • Confidence is Contagious

    Confidence is Contagious

    Lets talk about developing a Positive Self-Image: What is a Self-Image? Your Self-Image is how you see yourself. It is a subconscious picture you have of yourself. Why is it important? It’s important that you see yourself as someone who CAN, and not someone who CAN’T. Like today, you may have done a kick that was hard, and may have given you a hard time. But if you start telling yourself that you can’t do it – then you are developing a picture in your mind of someone who CAN’T versus someone who CAN. This story tells the importance of your Self Image. There once was a bird that fell out of a nest into a chicken pen. At first, the chickens ....

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  • Help,  My Child Wont Stand Up To The Bully

    Help, My Child Wont Stand Up To The Bully

    We get this one a lot. Why won’t my child speak up or even fight back. My real belief is that in order to speak up or fight back one has to believe they have the skills to fight back, if it comes to that. This is something that is very hard to fake. Confidence comes from being good at something. I will have confidence at baseball if I am good at it. Same goes for other sports. So when it comes to Self Defense a child is not going to try to defend them self if they don’t believe they can. We work on a lot of skills in class. Forms, kicking techniques, punching techniques, self-defense techniques, and also strength training. We give them the tools needed. We also teach sparring ....

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  • Beginnings


    We have all heard the old saying. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” That saying is partially true. In reality, this moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. Every moment of every day gives us an opportunity for a new beginning. There is an old martial arts saying – To Fall 7 times and Rise 8… Life begins from here. ” From time to time, everyone falls down. Everyone makes mistakes- even really smart and successful people. The difference between losers and winners is that winners don’t let mistakes stop them. They look at mistakes as learning experiences. Because mistakes are one way of learning what doesn’t ....

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