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This is, by far, the roughest time for parents. Our schedules change and it feels like we have no time. I have two in school myself. I know how it is! As your child goes back to school its increasingly important to remember why you put them into martial arts. To build discipline, faster focus and to help them become leaders.

Its important to remember we are the solution to this challenging time. This is when you, as a parent, should be doubling down and really putting our martial art program to the ultimate use.

Here are some ways we've seen parents successfully use our program to help their kids with this challenging transition back into school after summer break.

1. Commitment Reward - set a short goal...1 or 2 weeks with your child. For some its bringing home their homework folder every day, for others its 2 weeks without acting up in class...the skys the limit here. But set the goal TODAY. then LET US KNOW ABOUT IT TOO! Then we can be sure to reward them when they get it.

2. Lean on us as mentors - Its an often occurrence when parents come to us and ask us to talk to their kids about "how they act in school" or "the best way to handle their emotions". None of us like to admit it, but kids often listen to mentors before they listen to parents. I know, its not fair. So let us be good mentors for them and encourage your child to talk to us about things that bother them.

3. Use our positive reinforcement and rewards system. Students can earn tickets for doing good outside of class too. When they do something great, let us know and we will make a big deal of them earning their reward!

4. Give us Ideas for Mat Chats - Is your child having a problem that's a bit unique? Chances are many other kids are having the same issue but not saying anything about it. Let us know what you're dealing with and we'll construct out mat chats around that topic. Just tell us or email us with the ideas

In the end, the most important thing is not to quit. If you need to miss a class or two to adjust, that makes sense. But most everyone brings their kids to us to learn life skills. The discipline, courage, respect, and commitment it takes to get ahead in life is hard, but so worth it in the end.

There used to be a saying "Keep your kids busy and it will teach them hard work and keep them off the streets". These days it could be better said as "Keep your kids busy and it will teach them hard work and keep them off the couch!".

Let us know how we can help you!

See you soon,

Dave & Dalton Pryga, Sun Martial Arts

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