From time to time, everyone falls down. Everyone makes mistakes- even really smart and successful people.

The difference between losers and winners is that winners don’t let mistakes stop them. They look at mistakes as learning experiences. Because mistakes are one way of learning what doesn’t work. Or learning about things you need to work on improving.

Winners are constantly working on improving their performance – by attempting to make smaller and smaller errors.

Remember, after every mistake, you can either quit or you can rise again, learn from the mistake, and start over. “To fall 7 times and rise 8 times” is what successful people do.

Thomas Edison once Said

” I have not failed 700 times I found 700 ways it does not work. I have eliminated the ways it will not work, I will find the way it will work”

Lets all work on Never giving up

Some of our students don’t like sparring. They never really get hurt. But they don’t like the way it feels. They should not give up. They should keep coming and learn from their mistakes. If they get hit work on blocking, Or Work on more offense. To just give up and quit is training ourselves to be quitters. We need to push through the the things in training we don’t like. When we learn to do that we will become winners in everything we do.

Hope this Helps

Dave Pryga - Master Hawk