Parents, You Should be Having This Conversation With Your Kids!

Parents, You Should be Having This Conversation With Your Kids!

Here are a few safety tips you can go over with your child. Its best if you review them on a regular basis.

The premise of these safety tips is that although there is an abundance of violence in modern society, there is plenty we can do to minimize the odds of it happening to our children. Can someone take every precaution possible to keep their family safe and still have them be attacked? Of course! But with the right preparation, the right training, and the right mindset, the odds will be strongly stacked in your child’s favor.

A child who has been properly trained in strategic self-defense will feel more confident and empowered. That feeling alone will allow this child to carry themselves in a different manner. Looking less like a victim they won’t be bothered as much by predatory school mates or strangers.

Our child's self defense program is based on recognition, avoidance, and diffusion (or defense).

We teach our young students that physical self-defense strategies should only be used when there are no other options.

In order to be effective, the strategies taught are simple to learn, easy to apply, and incredibly effective.


We believe that there are 5 important safety skills that every child should learn.


They are:

Learning the importance of creating safe habits

Learning to be aware.

Learning to trust their intuition.

Learning to take immediate action when threatened. Not hesitating.

Learning from their experiences and the experiences of others.


Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations

Be Calm / Breathe

Communicate With Confidence

Don’t Make the Situation Worse



What is a Stranger?

What is a Lure?

Bribery & Job Lures

Assistance & Direction Lures

Internet Lures & Kids Are Strangers Too



Use Your Mind

Create Safe Habits

Use Your Words

Use Your Legs

Ask For Help



Who to Ask for Help

Boundary Setting

Good Touch/Bad Touch

No Secrets

If In Doubt Get Out


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