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  • How Parents Can Nurture Self-Esteem

    How Parents Can Nurture Self-Esteem

    Self-esteem develops over time.
    And if it's low, it can be raised. Here are things parents can do: Help your child learn to do things. At every age, there are new things for kids to learn. Martial Arts is one of the best sports you can enroll your child because they will be learning all the time while having fun. Learning basics, the proper way to exercise, traditional martial arts kata and self defense are all skills that increase competence. Competence increased confidence and self esteem. When coaching kids how to do things, show and help them at first. Then let them do what they can, even if they make mistakes. Be sure your child has lots of opportunities to learn, try, and feel ....

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  • Back to School Top Parenting Tips

    BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!! This is, by far, the roughest time for parents. Our schedules change and it feels like we have no time. I have two in school myself. I know how it is! As your child goes back to school its increasingly important to remember why you put them into martial arts. To build discipline, faster focus and to help them become leaders. Its important to remember we are the solution to this challenging time. This is when you, as a parent, should be doubling down and really putting our martial art program to the ultimate use. Here are some ways we've seen parents successfully use our program to help their kids with this challenging transition back into school after summer ....

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  • 7 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

    7 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With Peer Pressure

    Saying "No" to friends can be hard. Here's how to make it easier. As kids get older, peer pressure can get in the way of how well they do in school. Why? By the time they turn seven, children start caring more and more about what other kids think of them — and less about what their parents or other adults think. Kids who want to get approval from their peers and become more popular will often take part in risky behavior like cheating in class, shoplifting, tagging, drugs, alcohol, and sex — all which can send them on a downward spiral and take them away from focusing on their education. Here are six other ways to help your child resist peer pressure and stay ....

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  • Why Some Kids Try Harder and Some Kids Give Up

    Why Some Kids Try Harder and Some Kids Give Up

    By Tracy Cutchlow My toddler struggled to buckle the straps on her high chair. “Almost,” she muttered as she tried again and again. “Almost,” I agreed, trying not to hover. When she got it, I exclaimed, “You did it! It was hard, but you kept trying, and you did it. I’m so proud of you.” The way I praised her effort took a little effort on my part. If I hadn’t known better, I might have just said, “Clever girl!” (Or even “Here, let me help you with that.”) What’s so bad about that? Stanford researcher Carol Dweck has been studying motivation and perseverance since the 1960s. And she found that ....

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  • Raising Confident Kids

    Raising Confident Kids

    It takes confidence to be a kid. Whether going to a new school or stepping up to bat for the first time, kids face a lot of uncharted territory. Naturally, parents want to instill a can-do attitude in their kids so that they'll bravely take on new challenges and, over time, believe in themselves. While each child is a little different, parents can follow some general guidelines to build kids' confidence. Self-confidence rises out of a sense of competence. In other words, kids develop confidence not because parents tell them they're great, but because of their achievements, big and small. Sure, it's good to hear encouraging words from mom and dad. But words of praise mean more ....

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    From Grown and Flown - parenting never ends. Quitting. We quit jobs, we quit marriages, we walk out on friendships and sometimes we let people down when the going gets tough. Sometimes it is necessary, even the right thing to do. Our kids quit teams and music lessons, art classes and after school programs. Sometimes it’s necessary, but sometimes they are bored or don’t like the coach or would just rather play video games at home. Deciding when to let your kids quit something, be itGymboree, Little League or SAT prep, is a question that never goes away. My kids have tried it all. I have driven them to sports, found drum teachers, glass blowing lessons, ....

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  • Join Us For The Best Martial Arts in Concord

    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Concord with Kids Martial Arts! At Sun Martial Arts, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next! We are offering Concord a hands-on approach to Kids and Adult Martial Arts. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Sun Martial Arts and see for yourself what makes us the best Martial Arts facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! And don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! ....

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  • The Effects Of Bullying

    The Effects Of Bullying

    Kids and teens are hesitant to talk about being bullied. Parents should watch for sudden changes in your child’s behavior. Signs of Being Bullied
    Signs can include: Withdrawal Depression Reluctance to go to school Sudden drop in grades Self-deprecating talk Staying away from friends Crying Episodes Frequent complaints of headaches and/or stomach aches Unexplained bruises Long-Term Effects of Bullying
    Bullies create a constant fear in their victims. Some kids may: Lose all self-esteem Suffer from severe depression Could turn to drug and alcohol use Could start self harming Some kids are so tormented that ....

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  • The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

    The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

    Our classes at Sun Martial Arts are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Our classes help teach self-discipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents report great success with our program because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills they want for their kids. Our High Energy classes begin and end with a bow to the Instructor. After a warm-up, students practice our art’s particular skills, which may include kicks, punches, and blocks along with fun skill building drills and exercises. Progress is marked by the belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colors. Graduating to each new level, generally ....

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