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We're Proud To Offer Age-Specific Kids Martial Arts Classes For All Abilities

Sun Martial Arts is dedicated to building confident, courteous, and successful students. Our Kids Martial Arts classes are built to make sure that children of all backgrounds and experience levels are able to learn martial arts in a safe, supportive setting where anyone can thrive. Whether you're here in Concord or nearby in Harrisburg or all over Charlotte, we're proud to offer a Kids Martial Arts program that truly packs a punch!

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Why Choose Kids Martial Arts Classes?

Some parents think that the martial arts are all about punching and kicking, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Our Kids Martial Arts program gives each and every student the opportunity to grow by learning important life skills. Our team of expert instructors at Sun Martial Arts will help your child become more confident, disciplined, and respectful, so that they can succeed both on and off the mats.

From establishing lifelong habits of physical fitness to connecting with new friends and mentors, our mission is to help kids from across Concord, Harrisburg, and the whole of Charlotte become the best they can be. Try out our martial arts classes and see for yourself!

Through Kids Martial Arts, your child will:
  • Develop incredible self-confidence
  • Learn both teamwork and leadership skills
  • Meet new friends and mentors
  • Understand the value of physical fitness

Dynamites Martial Arts (ages 3-6) - We work with our youngest students to develop gross motor skills and positive behavioral changes, including listening skills, following directions, and manners. Time and time again we see our young students grow in self-confidence and improve focus.

Youth Welcome Program (ages 8-12) - We work with our youth students to instill life lessons while giving them the motivation to achieve. This program involves 2 classes per week, with extra help available as needed (and a generous class make-up policy!). We’re all about providing the incentives and evaluations to succeed in a friendly, safe, and fun environment!

In addition, our team at Sun Martial Arts places an emphasis on helping students learn effective anti-bullying strategies and the fundamentals of self-defense. We truly believe that every child can benefit from martial arts training! Help your child develop a better character through Kids Martial Arts classes today.

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We'd be proud to welcome you to our family! From Kids Martial Arts classes to summer camps, we're on mission to provide high-quality martial arts instruction to the Concord community. Your child will learn to be more confident, respectful, and goal-oriented. What's not to love? Our amazing team at Sun Martial Arts is here to help your child thrive. 

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